Company Profile

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Although headquartered in central Alabama, KMS also maintains a
presence in the Washington, D.C. area where our personnel provide
technical staffing support to the Department of Defense. Within Alabama,
we have full time staff on Maxwell AFB and the Gunter Annex of MAFB
supporting various defense contracts.

KMS offers a wide array of solutions tailored to meet any knowledge
management need while providing the client with credible and measurable
solutions with guaranteed results. Using industry accepted models and
standards, KMS creates products and services using: Instructional Systems
Design model (ISD), Sharable Content Reference Model (SCORM), the
Information Literacy model, the Aircraft Industry CBT Committee (AICC)
standards, academic accreditation standards and other related commercial
and government models and standards requirements.

KMS’ professional and experienced staff stands ready to provide exce ptional
service within its core competencies providing solutions to your problems
that ultimately improve your bottom line.

KMS is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction with a no-nonsense,
strategy of providing thorough upfront analysis, followed by comprehensive
design, development, implementation, and life-cycle support.

To provide exceptional products, and support to industry, government, and
academia through innovative design, development, implementation, and
lifecycle maintenance for our financial management, information technology,
and education and training applications. We believe that we can help clients
because we are “The people with the right connections.”