Government Solutions & Contracts

Knowledge Management Solutions, Inc. (KMS, Inc.)

Company Size Employees: 10 (Full/Part-Time)

Avg Revenue: $1.2M

Agency Experience: (Sample of Government Agencies which we have serve as the Prime or as a Sub)

  • Air Force Culture and Language Center (AFCLC)
  • Army National Guard (NGB-ASM ), Alexandria, VA
  • Secretary of the Air Force (SAF/FMPTB), Maxwell-Gunter AFB, AL
  • Army National Guard Readiness Center, Arlington, VA
  • College for Enlisted Professional Military Education), Maxwell-Gunter AFB, AL
  • Squadron Officer College (SOC), Maxwell AFB, AL HQ
  • Pacific Air Forces (PACAF/CEPF), Hickam AFB, HI
  • HQ Air University (AU/FM ), Maxwell AFB, AL
  • College for Professional Development (CPD/HRC ), Maxwell AFB, AL

Key Differentiators:

KMS has a vast amount of experience and capability in all areas of design, development, delivery, and administration of instructional materials for classroom or distance learning.

KMS can leverage a wide variety of educational technologies such as Web, DVD-ROM, AICC & SCORM conformance, learning and knowledge portals, learning management systems, and avatars (3D emotive virtual life forms in dynamic environments).

Contract Vehicles:

  • GS-02F-0134R
  • FSC Group 874: MOBIS
  • SIN 874-4
  • Teammate on other BPAs

Business Type: Veteran Owned Small Business

NAICS Codes:

541219      541614      561499      611310
541511       541618     561591       611410
541519      541720     561599       611420
541612      541990     561611       611430
541613      561410     561920      611513

DUNS: 033234407       Cage Code: 1RW81