Defining the Return-on-Investment impact of the Air Force Culture and Language education and training programs.

Avoiding budgetary cuts to critical Culture and Language programs

The Problem

Historically, DOD budget cuts sometimes require fiscal program cutbacks to education and training that is not mission critical (non-technical).  Without concrete evidence that it makes a difference, very well programs disappear and many times never return.

The Solution

KMS as a subcontractor to Booz Allen developed data gathering tools and processes which could then be sanitized and become the basis for sourcing to statistical models.  These models would then be used to provide possible lesson plan or curriculum changes and place values on outcomes while measuring these against budgetary costs to sustain them.

The Outcomes

Based on the processes changes, the Air Force Culture and Language Center (AFCLC) has not only been able to retain these programs, the have greatly expanded.

Based on the program’s successes, the data processes and tools are now being used to model participant admission scoring, board scoring of candidates, etc.  All of which have improved the candidates capabilities and mission accomplishment.