Audrey Harviel

Audrey Harviel
Social Media Marketing Admin

Audrey Harviel, based in Northwest Arkansas, brings a unique blend of experiences and talents to her professional journey. Originally, she pursued a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, showcasing her scientific curiosity and analytical mindset. However, her path eventually led her to explore her creative side, and Audrey transitioned into the world of freelance graphic design, where she continues to thrive.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Audrey finds immense joy in her personal life. She shares her world with her loving husband, Matthew, and together they are the proud parents of two beautiful little girls, Paisleigh and Peyton. A fun and endearing aspect of Audrey’s life is that you can often catch glimpses of Paisleigh and Peyton popping in and out of her Zoom calls, adding a touch of family warmth to her professional interactions.

Audrey has been a valuable member of the KMS team for nearly two years, contributing her skills and dedication to the organization. Her journey from the realm of science to the creative arts has enriched her ability to think both analytically and imaginatively, making her a unique asset to her team.

With Audrey’s enthusiasm and a bright outlook on the future, she eagerly anticipates the next chapters of her career and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead for her and her KMS team.