Stephanie Graham
Office Admin

Stephanie Graham is a seasoned professional with a diverse background, originally hailing from Elkins, WV. Her journey has taken her across various states along the east coast of the United States, shaping her into a versatile individual with a passion for customer service and hospitality.

Stephanie’s dedication to service excellence began during her college years, where she worked as a waitress. Her commitment to making customers happy through exceptional service quickly became evident, and it soon evolved into one of her greatest strengths.

After completing her education at AUM, Stephanie embarked on a 9 ½ year-long journey as an elementary school teacher. During her time in the classroom, she worked closely with her students and their parents to foster an environment that encouraged each child to reach high academic standards and achieve their educational goals. Her unwavering commitment to the success of her students left a lasting impact on the lives of many young learners.

In her quest for new challenges and opportunities, Stephanie transitioned from the world of teaching and joined KMS as a customer service partner and assistant. In this role, she handles all invoicing services and provides invaluable assistance to the customers who seek the company’s support. Her background in education has equipped her with strong communication and problem-solving skills, making her a key asset in ensuring client satisfaction and success.

Stephanie Graham’s career has been marked by a consistent drive to excel in her roles, whether it’s in the classroom or in the realm of customer service. Her passion for helping others, coupled with her dedication and skill set, continues to make a positive impact on those she serves and supports.